Battle of Britain Pilots

This page focusses on some of the most well known of the Spitfire and Hurricane pilots of the Battle of Britain and those featured in the media in recent years or where footage exists of pilots from the war years or in the decades that followed, Head of Fighter Command and the Group sector leaders. It has links to their WIKI pages and audio and video clips that have been found.

Various Pilots

1985 Churchill's Few full documentary with a number of pilots featured. HERE
RAF Tangmere documentary, interviews with veterans who flew from there. HERE
Battle Stations; Spitfire Squadron documentary HERE

Head of Fighter Command

Air Chief Marshall Hugh Dowding
Wiki page HERE
1968 Audio interview about the Battle of Britain. HERE
After the war as a Lord in the House of Lords he was a campaigner for animal welfare and made speeches against ritual unstunned slaughter and also testing on animals. 14 mins in. HERE

Group Leaders

10 Group Commander - Air Vice Marshall Sir Quintin Brand
Wiki page HERE

11 Group Commander - Air Vice-Marshal Keith Park
Wiki page HERE
Audio interview recorded in 1961 HERE
Website about the Sir Keith Park memorial statue in London HERE

12 Group Commander - Air Vice-Marshal Trafford Leigh-Mallory
Wiki page HERE
Making a speech on the 3rd anniversary of the BofB in 1943. 2min 25 secs in HERE

13 Group Commander - Air Vice-Marshal Richard Saul
Wiki page HERE


Douglas Bader
Wiki page HERE
Talking about modern jet dogfights in 1966. HERE
A short video with him describing the intensity of battle and long waits in between and a few RAF veterans who remember what he was like during the war. HERE
This is Your Life - Group Captain Sir Douglas Bader is surprised by Eamonn Andrews with his famous red book. Full show from the 1980s. HERE

Bob Doe
Wiki page HERE
A short clip of him in old age talking about the battle. HERE
Also features in the 1985 'The Few' documentary - link above.

Billy Drake
Wiki page HERE
Talking about when his Hurricane was hit and covered in flames. HERE

Peter Malam Brothers
Wiki page HERE
Here he flies in a Spitfire for the first time in over half a century. HERE

Bob Foster
Telegraph obituary HERE
A Hurricane pilot during the Battle of Britain and a Spitfire pilot in 1943, based in Darwin fighting off Japanese bombing raids on Australia. Video interview in three parts HERE

Christopher Foxley Norris
Wiki page HERE
A few shots of him as Wing Commander in 1950 greeting the Oxford University Air Squadron. HERE

John Freeborn
He flew more operational hours during the Battle of Britain than any other pilot.
Wiki page HERE
A written tribute from a friend after his death aged 90 in 2010. HERE

Richard Hillary
Wiki page HERE
Reading from his book in 1941 about his wartime experiences. part 1 HERE part 2 HERE

Thomas 'Tony' Iveson
Wiki page HERE
Q&A session talking about his time as a Spitfire pilot during the Battle of Britain and later as a Lancaster Bomber pilot in Bomber Command. HERE

Johnnie Johnson
Johnnie Johnson missed the Battle of Britain due to injury, but became the top scoring Spitfire ace of WWII.
Wiki page HERE
Audio interview about his wartime experiences HERE
A section from 'This is Your Life' when he was given the red book on VE Day. HERE
Making a speech at a shooting party dinner in 1991. HERE
Johnnie Johnson Housing Association, he set up when he retired from the RAF in the 1960s HERE

James Lacey
Wiki Page HERE
Audio interview from 1978 HERE

Adolph/Sailor Malan
Wiki page HERE
Audio of him describing air battles. 28th June 1941 HERE

Tom Neil
Wiki page HERE
A video of him making an excellent after dinner speech on the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. HERE

John Pattison
A New Zealander that fought in the Battle of Britain. Video interview. HERE

Tony Pickering
Describing being shot down whilst flying a Hurricane during the battle. Video. HERE

Denis Robinson
Audio interview when he was 92. HERE

Robert Stanford Tuck
Wiki page HERE
1958 colour Pathe News feature about his Mushroom farm. HERE
Various footage of him over the decades. HERE

George Unwin
Wiki page HERE
Telegraph obituary from 2006 HERE
Talking about a Luftwaffe raid on RAF Fowlmere HERE
Talking about the pros and cons of the Spitfire and the Luftwaffe ME-109 HERE

Michael Wainwright
Video interview about fighting the Luftwaffe, a summary video and also a full 5 part interview. HERE

William Walker
2012 Telegraph obituary HERE
Reciting his poem 'Our Wall' HERE

Geoffrey Wellum
Talking about a film that was made about his BofB experiences. HERE

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